The following list of churches, with dates of organizations, names of pastors, and years of service, is as complete as the records will allow. While entire accuracy is not claimed for all the dates, still it is believed that they may be received as tolerably reliable. Where materials at hand were deficient, further information was secured by correspondence, wherever possible, with the pastors and congregations concerned.

The life of some was brief, illustrating the changes going on on frontiers where population was not settled. Many were merged with sister churches, especially in later years after modern means of conveyance were introduced, and some were reorganized.

The list is offered as a result of no small amount of labor. Its value is apparent to those who wish to study the record of any given church.

Table of Pastorates – Illinois Only

wdt_ID Name Start End Church
1 I. Neumann 1892 1897 Caseyville
2 C. F. Veitz 1882 1885 Chicago Christ
3 J. Ramser 1885 1887 Chicago Christ
4 J. Sattler 1887 1893 Chicago Christ
5 J. Schlechter 1893 1897 Chicago Christ
6 J. Henn 1897 1899 Chicago Christ
7 S. Schwab 1900 1901 Chicago Christ
8 H. T. Smidt 1901 1905 Chicago Christ
9 P. Reitinger 1906 1909 Chicago Christ
10 G. B. Baumann 1909 1905 Chicago Christ

(This table carries the churches to May, 1938.)


Source: A History of the German Congregational Churches In the United States, George J. Eisenach. Yankton, South Dakota: The Pioneer Press, 1938.